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Salticidae (Araneae) genera of the world - an atlas
(unfinished manuscript)

by Jerzy Prószyński
Professor Emeritus, Museum and Institute of Zoology, Polish Academy of Sciences,
ul. Wilcza 63, 00-679 Warsaw, POLAND


 Chapter 27

informal group of genera
Version July 12th, 2020


symbol of the genera not classified into supragroups

Composition and searching on this page: Kima Leptorchestes Menemerus.

Exemplary representatives of the group
A-C, F - Menemerus semilimbatus, D-E, G - Leptorchestes berolinensis.
SOURCE: A-F - Proszynski (in eds) Heimer & Nentwig, 1991: 508, f 1357.1-5, F-G - ©Photo J. Lissner. All ©copyrights are retained by the original authors and copyright holders, used by their courtesy..

Groups of genera standing apart


Mutual diagnostic characters of genera included. Palps differ from other groups by robust, fleshy base of embolus, parallel to bulbus. Embolus small, sclerotized and often doubled atop (which require more attention), in some cases paralleled by soft looking attachment, hidden behind embolus (like in Menemerus bivittatus), of unknown function. Bulbus large, bulging. Epigyne strongly sclerotized, ducts in Menemerus and Leptorchestes straight and thick walled spermathecae located posteriorly. In Kima, however, ducts are thin and entangled, resembling PSEUDICINES.
Menemerus has body relatively flattened and broad, two remaining genera are ant-like, but their carapace is not constricted.

Gen. Kima Peckham & Peckham, 1902
Type species Kima africana (5 recognizable species).
See more species at Kima-Q-M .

A - Kima africana, B-D - Kima variabilis.
SOURCE. A - Proszynski 1984c. Atlas ...: 75, B - Wesolowska, Szeremeta. 2001. Ins. Syst. & Ev.,32(2): 227, f. 39-44, D -Photo C. Hadad Wesołowska, Haddad 2009. 246. All ©copyrights are retained by the original authors and copyright holders, used by their courtesy.

Gen. Leptorchestes Simon, 1868
Type species Leptorchestes berolinensis (7 recognizable species).
See more species at Leptorchestes-Q-M .

A-B - Leptorchestes berolinensis - female and male (conspecificity?), C-E - same: palp, spermatheca and epigyne, F-I - Leptorchestes sikorskii, epigyne, spermatheca, palp and male appearance, J - Leptorchestes peresi, K - Leptorchestes algerinus, L - Leptorchestes separatus. same, male and female.
SOURCE.A-B - ©Photo J. Lissner, C-D - Proszynski in Heimer & Nentwig (eds) 1991: 508, f 1357.1-5, E - Zabka 1997. Fauna Polski 19: 61-62, f 182-188, F-J (palp) - Proszynski 2003: Ann. zool. 84-85, f 325-329, J(spermatheca)-L - Wesolowska, Szeremeta, 2001. Ins. Sys. Ev., 32(2): 233, f 67-78. All ©copyrights are retained by the original authors and copyright holders, used by their courtesy.

Gen. Menemerus Simon, 1868
Type species Menemerus semilimbatus (52 recognizable species).
See more species at Menemerus-Q+M .

A-C - Menemerus semilimbatus, D-E - Menemerus bivittatus, F - Menemerus bivittatus described under synonymic name Jaluiticola hesslei, G-I - Menemerus davidi, J-L - Menemerus animatus, M-O - Menemerus illigeri, P-Q - , Menemerus fulvus, R-Y - Individual variation or species diversity in Menemerus fagei in Israel (R-O - Menemerus fagei - specimen from Jerusalem, S - Menemerus fagei - specimen from Har Tuv, T - Menemerus fagei - embolar region structure, specimen from Rehovot, U, W - Menemerus fagei epigyne, V, X - Menemerus fagei epigyne, aberrant [?] specimen from Daphna], Y - tibia I.
SOURCE. M4-M6 -Proszynski. Ann. zool. 2003a: 90-91, , 94-95,97, f 345-348, 351-353, 347-348,figs 349-350, 354-356. 357-359.347-348, Roewer 1944a: 9, f. 4. All ©copyrights are retained by the original authors and copyright holders, used by their courtesy.

COMMENT. According to original drawing by Roewer (fig. F above) Jaluiticola hesslei Roewer 1944a: 9, f. 4. is a synonym of cosmopolitic species Menemerus bivittatus. The correction is habitually questioned by Maddison 2015: 247, disregarded by World Spider Catalog (2020) ver. 21.0].