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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library by Jerzy Proszynski 2006

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Diversity of the Central American and Caribbean Salticidae 
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Identification require also knowledge of palpal organ/epigynum and its internal structure    
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[canosa] Bagheera kiplingi (Guatemala, Mexico) Beata maccuni (
Panama) Cheliferoides segmentatus Chinoscopus gracilis (related species in Cuba) Corythalia] conspecta opima spiralis bicincta sulphurea sp. from Panama sp. from Panama Cylistella sp. from Brazil similar looking species in C America Dendryphantes - Palaearctic species: D. rudis Empanda ornata Fluda opica (related species in C America)
Frigga Frigga sp. cf. coronigera Gastromicans sp. (related species in C America) Habronattus brunneus coecatus mexicanus Hasarius adansonii ] (cosmopolitic in warm climate) Helvetia insularis Hentzia palmarum mitrata Hypaeus benignus flavipes Itata sp. Lurio sp. Lyssomanes viridis Mabellina prescotti (Panama: Canal Zone) Menemerus Menemerus bivittatus (Cosmopolitic in warm areas) Metacyrba taeniola Metaphidippus Myrmarachne - male (from Philippines). sp. -(male with overgrown chelicerae, from Brazil) M. brasiliensis various sp. (from Brazil) Naphrys bufoides xerophilum Noegus sp. from Brazil: Manaus [Note tooth on external side of a chelicera] Nycerella delecta from Costa Rica Paraphidippus aurantius (W Indies, C America; Mexico, USA) Parnaenus cyanidens (Guatemala, Brazil, Panama) Peckhamia americana Phanias watonus (similar in C America) Phiale formosa bulbosa guttata roburifoliata (from Bazil) Phidippus Remarkable gallery of phots by G.B. Edwards regius ]johnsoni apacheanus ardens octopunctatus arizonensis asotus audax audax var. boei cardinalis carneus comatus cruentus johnsoni phoenix pius regius Plexippus paykulli (imported cosmopolite) from Brazil Psecas euoplus from Panama sp. from Manaus Rudra cf minensis from Brazil, similar sp. in C America Salticus scenicus ( introdced to N America, in Panama S. austinensis ) Sarinda hentzi nigra sp from Brazil Sassacus papenhoei ( related spp in C America) Scopocira sp. (from Brazil, related sp in C America) Sidusa recondita angulitarsis from Brazil - related spp. in C America Siloca campestrata from Brazil - related spp. in C America Sitticus ( related to S American Amyciae, some old species N American, majority evolved later in Palaearctics and recolonized N America) floricola group floricola (type species from Holarctics, several species in S America) Thiodina sylvana puerpera
                                               Not Identified

        from St. Vincent