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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 2006

Genus Pseudicius

Definition and division into groups of species

 Common  charaters of the genus Pseudicius 

Body  flattened, low and long. Abdominal color pattern: usually pairs of black and white lateral spots, in some  species  dark median streak. 

Stridulatory spines on cephalothorax and femur I

Regular row of spines on small protuberances, stretching along lateral surfaces of cephalothorax, beneath eyes lateral (presumably stridulatory),
 corresponding  to a row (group) of microspines on prolateral surface of femur I. 
Variation in modified tibia I

Tibia I is modified: usually shortened and sometimes more or less swollen medialy, with characteristic long trichobothria, bent under angle of
almost 90 degrees, with spines reduced entirely, or shortened and simmultaneously broadened. Tibia I left and right may vary.. 
Femur I enlargened  and broad, in males leg I is distinctly longest, in females legs IV are the longest.

About 80 species of Pseudicius differ strikingly
 by palpal organs and internal structure of epigynum
These evolved independently in various directions, but are connected by  intermediate forms.
Embolus of  various length, parallel to length of channells in epigynum. Tibial apophysis has common trunk  variously developped, 
ended by bifurcate (exceptionally 3-furcate) rami, expanded or reduced, partially or entirely. 
 Epigynum with 2 lateral pockets (sometimes not visible, or absent) in posterior, median, or anterior position.
 Channels vary from simple bent to simple loops,  to very complicated coils.

Proposed division of the genus into following groups of species
 (lack of matching sexes im many species  makes grouping provisional)
=============encarpatus group ====================
[ encarpatus]	          encarpatus]                [ badius] Greece       [ badius] Greece   

=============== cinctus group ======================
[spasskyi]            [spasskyi]    [ delesserti]    [unicus ]
                                                              Ethiopia          Madagascar 
================  nepalicus group =====================   

[ nepalicus]                                [ koreanus]
  Nepal-India                             Korea, Japan     

================  frigidus group =====================                              
 [ frigidus]                   [ pseudicioides]      [ frigidus]              [ pseudicioides]               
 India (identif?)         Karakorum Mts                                    
================= tamaricis group ====================
[ tamaricis] N Africa

================  grayorum group =====================
[ grayorum ]Australia                               [ grayorum ]Australia                        

================== nuclearis group [===================
[kraussi ]  Pacific Is.       =  samoaensis]                [kraussi ]            [ punctatus Pacific]
===================== okinawensis group ==========
[daitaricus] India [ modestus ]India [okinawaensis] Okinawa [ tokaraensis ] Japan ===================== palaestinensis group ========== [ palaestinensis] [ palaestinensis] ================= uncertain genus placement ============== [vulpes] Far East [vulpes] Far East [ koreanus](female) [ africanus] [ originalis ]Vietnam
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