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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 2006

Genus Sitticus

Definition and division into groups of species

 Common  charaters of the genus Sitticus 
Retrolateral edge not developed,  prolateral tooth usually multiconed (several teeth with fused bases)
External  appearance - generalized shape, usually with pattern of white dots and/or 
        longitudinal streaks, leg  IV is the longest. 

[rupicola] [F floricola [penicillatus] [distinguendus]

[pubescens] [longipes]

About 70 species of Sitticus differ by internal  structure of epigynum,
palpal organs are of limited diagnostic use 
There are several distinct types of spermathecae and channels, but these are connected by intermediate forms.
 Spermathecae are  usually "C" shaped, modified by various development of rami, usually more or less bent closer (flattened). 
Channels thin walled and transparent, vary from short and slightly bent to long lups, in some cases reduced,
 copulatory openings always separate, sometimes within  in the oval depression.

Proposed division of the genus Sitticus into following groups of species

================== distinguendus group  (click to see other species) ==================

          [albolineatus][intermediate to the floricola group] 

================== floricola group  (click to see other species) ==================
              [rupicola]                     [floricola]               [zimmermanni-atricapillus]    [penicillatus]     

[rupicola]                                          [floricola]
[zimmermanni]    [penicillatus intermediate] 

================== penicillatus group ==================

[clavator]  [saltator]

================== saxicola group ( see also New World relatives [?]) ==================

                     [saxicola]                             longipes]                          [longipes]

================== pubescens  group ==================

 [pubescens]                                               [relictarius]

================== terebratus group ==================

     [terebratus]                                                                                 [fasciger]      
[finschi]                                                                                               [godlewskii]

New World relatives 

================== saxicola group ( New World relatives [?])   ==================

[ absolutus ]            cursor]                      [juniperi]
[sp. from Bahamas               [cabellensis]                                [welchi  ??]

================== leucoproctus  group ==================\

[leucoproctus]                                                                               [flabellatus]
[cellulanus]                 [tenebricola]

================== palpalis group ================== 

          [palpalis]                                                                     [canus]          [mazorcanus]
[phaleratus]                                                        [uber]

================== MISPLACED - not a Sitticus  ==================

 from Taiwan: [taiwanensis]       [wuae]               from Africa::  [uphami]     [designatus]

Sitticus - morphological series of internal structure of epigyne  

Copyright © for the page by J. Proszynski, 2006.