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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 2006


Definition and division into groups of species

 Common  charaters of the genus Yllenus 
 Y. arabicus 
1. High cephalothorax sloping behind eye-field, 2. Legs IV the longest
3. usually cryptic coloration adapted for sandy environment.  4. Brush of setae - a scopula - on tarsus I-II.
5. Characteristic genital organs in males and females - diversified into 3 groups (see below) 
 but with intermediate forms

 ---univittatus                              arenarius  --------
About 80 species of Yllenus differ by epigynum: shape and internal  structure,
palpal organ size and shape of conductor are of limited diagnostic use 

Proposed division of the genus Yllenus into following groups of species

==================albocinctus group (click to see other species) =================

Yllenus albocinctus

=================arenarius group (click to see other species) ==================



================hamifer group (click to see other species) ==================



Distributional  ranges of group of species 
(from Logunov D.V., Marusik Y.M.2003b: 20-21, maps 2-5.)