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Jerzy Prószyński
Prof. dr. hab. Emeritus, Museum and Institute of Zoology, Polish Academy of Sciences
ul. Wilcza 63, 00-679 Warsaw, POLAND.

Comments and contents

(31. XII. 2022)

Introductory note

This is personal edition of comprehensive documentation of unusual discrimination and personal attack on me, by jealous younger colleagues (owing their scientific success, in part, to years of my assistance) turning competitors upon maturity. At the age of 87 I have been deprived of possibility of publication of both my defense and continuation (finalization) of the research projects carried out for 60 years, I had to sustain a personal attack (resembling "Lysenko style" - for peoples knowing history of genetics in the USSR). Colleagues who tried to defend me were discriminated. Finally, all notes on my research mysteriously disappeared from Internet's Wikipedia - simply I have never existed.
Time smothers ripples on the pond surface but slanderous article in a learned journal will remain. For a few readers possibly roused by my horrible sins I prepared collection of all articles published on that issue, also some surviving correspondence, as well as some hastily written comments on related scientific issues (and an ironic pamphlet on the issue, exaggerated, but at least making me laugh). (11.11.2022).

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Arachnological samizdat - New series - 2022
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Arachnological samizdat - Series - 2020
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1. Intellectual Gigantomachy (below),

- Attack or "How not to delimit ...",
- Impartial bystander or "How not to conduct ...",
- Defense or "... I was assassinated ..."; ,
- Petition or "... nil desperandum..." ,

- List of publications by Prószynski 1961_2019 ,
- Maddison tries to remember ...
2. The truth on Evarcha (Araneae, Salticidae)
3. Archival correspondence - with GB Edwards - "interesting"
4. Archival correspondence - with Maddison 1998-2016
5. Archival Nentwig_correspondence_2016.pdf
6. Biogram_Proszynski_2020.pdf

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Intellectual Gigantomachy, or
13 x 0,0769230769230769 = 1 contra 1


According to a well informed source, there was a secret meeting of Editors of   the WSC on May 2018 on acceptable punishment for that impossible Prószyński. He deserved strong punishment for his uncontrolled criticism, which destroy trust in the WSC. It was agreed that clandestine elimination cannot be used this time, the best action would be chivalrous intellectual duel in limelight. It should end, as in Medieval times, with complete elimination of one party (it could be only Prószyński, of course), conducted with exquisite courtesy. Good mean to that end would be use of “administrative charm” (as described by Nikolai Leskov, published by A.A Knopf, N. Y., 1923). 
- But how to ensure our victory - a question was asked - Prószyński intellectually is a dangerous guy?
- It is simple – said alfa-Man of the WSC - our representation in the duel should be more numerous.
- So how may combatants will represent us?
- Lets calculate intellectual strength of both sides.
- One? - Three? - Ten?
- Lets’ agree for thirteen - with that number of fighters we will surely win.
- Will that disproportion be not commented as unfair? - a question was asked.
- But we should respect freedom of choice – said alfa-Man of the WSC. If Prószyński wishes to be represented by one fighter, we cannot  influence his choice.

To be continued by following documents
- Attack or "How not to delimit ...", - Impartial bystander or "How not to conduct ...",
- Defense or "... I was assassinated ..."; , - Petition or "... nil desperandum...

- The truth on Evarcha (Araneae, Salticidae), - List of publications by Prószynski 1961_2019
- Biogram of J. Prószynski 2020, - Maddison tries to remember ...


According to a well informed source, the Editors of the WSC are not fully satisfied of the outcome of the duel. Activities of Prószyński are impaired now. Shocked by an appeal that papers of Prószyński “…should be ignored by the communitybecause “…brings nothing but chaos in salticid systematicsand “…this is nothing but scientific malpractice"- no journal depending from WSC will ever publish his papers. Who on the Earth would answer letters arriving from such individual? All these victories are real and true. But he is still very much alive, and kicking around.

  • We must change our tactics – said -alfa-Man of the WSC. Our collective intellect may be not up to our aims, but there are thirteen of us, and our bodies have weight. Lets all of us sit on Prószyński – we will flatten him entirely. He will not be able to stir a finger.
  • But we must train ourselves – added aspiring beta-Man of the WSC – training make masters,

And so fighting team of the WSC makes now preparatory training to the next round of the fight. Since Prószyński is not available for training in sitting on him, they have been training aggressive sitting on a davenport.

PS. Several readers asked what is "administrative charm", because novel of N. Leskov is not commonly known in our time. We explain therefore that a XIX century Russian Official has spread false documents that troublesome political dissident is in fact secret police informer. That was sufficient to finish dissident in eyes of decent peoples in their town. That kind of accusation may be not effective in our time. Bud to spread rumors that a scientist has been once hit in the head, which influences his present behavior? That may work in scientific circles.

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