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by Jerzy Prószyński

Prof. dr hab., Professor Emeritus, Museum and Institute of Zoology, Polish Academy of Sciences,
ul. Wilcza 63, 00-679 Warsaw, POLAND

e-mail: jerzy.proszynski@wp.pl

The unsung hero of this Database of Salticidae is my friend and former colleague in the Museum and Institute of Zoology in Warsaw - Mr Marek Sokół. He is inventor and creator of the program of the Database and has been assisting me in that project already for 17 years. Frankly, I do not know anything on programming and understand even less. Marek was a single programmer, charged with assisting some 100 scientist of the Institute and his working time and attention was been assigned personally by the director of the Institute to advise particular employees - so there was not much time he could sacrifice to my job. But it was just enough for me to see potential of his proposal to rewrite my already developed .html base into MySQL relational database. Happily, I managed to receive modest research grant, part of which I could use to pay working time of Marek (the remaining went mainly for purchase of consecutive computers) by hours. That was not much, but at least I could plan and execute work on database, independently of the grace of the director. So the work went fast - I was feeding data into computer and Marek, as a programmer, was directing, supervising and correcting (I was always apt to make a lot of errors) in my work.

This cooperation went successfully until 2010, when I finally retired from the Institute and my possibilities of getting grants has ended. It looked like my work on Database would end very quickly. But my talents of making errors were not ended, opposite - they grow very successfully, the Database was so complicated that I was afraid to seek help of commercial programmers then available, besides I had no money to pay for that. In the deep despair I telephoned to Marek and he has helped me instantly and effectively. Who knows me, will understand that it did not ended on single telephone. Opposite, there was plenty of them. Marek has spent a lot of time coming to see my computer and Database, never accepting any remuneration. He has advanced professionally and is very busy, he has family to care about (my telephone calls become instantly recognizable to his children). He has been helping me, on every call, for the ten years since my retirement. Finally, he has employed distant connection with my computer to save a bit of time, which resulted in even more frequent calls from me.

Dear Users of this Database - without interest free assistance and real friendship of Marek this Database of Salticidae would never be created and developed. Please join me and speak:


Jerzy Prószyński

Disclaimer. There is one thing Marek does not do - he is not interested in spiders and does not knows them. So he has not been participating in the arachnological part of the Database. Therefore he is not responsible for any arachnological errors, misconceptions and wrong decision. These are my exclusive merits. Jerzy Prószyński