Monograph of the Salticidae (Araneae) of the World 1995-2015. Part I: Introduction to alternative classification of Salticidae

Jerzy Prˇszynski

Appendix No 4 -Prószyński's revision of subfamilies 1976


The texts below are facsimiles of a thesis:

Prószyński J. 1976.
Studium systematyczno-zoogeograficzne nad rodzina Salticidae (Aranei) Regionow Palearktycznego i Nearktycznego.

Rozprawy Wyższej Szkoły Pedagogicznej, 6., Siedlce, 1-260, illustrations 1-450, 218 maps.

presented for higher scientific degree "doktor habilitowany" [= dr. hab.], preliminary to applying for the docent and professorial posts. As such theses were usually presented in Polish language, I did not expected it to have any impact in the World science and so pay no particular attention to its appearance. I was preoccupied, at that time with creation of the new Department of Biology in the newly established College in Siedlce and with setting up a teaching process, so I was interested to present the thesis quickly and get rid of the problem. But the context summarized my research in the years 1960-1976, dealt with 268 species and it included results subsequently published in regular publications. To my surprise, that paper is still cited in publications in 2015, particularly in papers of W. P. Maddison. Therefore I decided to remember part of it, dealing with division of Salticidae on subfamilies, accepted at that time. J. Prˇszynski.

Diagnostic drawings documentation of a new genus and species Helicius yaginumai. Non-standard form of publication created problems with acceptation of description.
Plates of comparative drawings from literature, illustrating diversity of diagnostic structures's within subfamilies.
Prˇszynski's 1976 revision of subfamilies.