Monograph of the Salticidae (Araneae) of the World 1995-2015. Part I: Introduction to alternative classification of Salticidae

Jerzy Prószyński

Appendix No 4 -Summary of Prószyński's lifetime research
number of studied species and documentary drawings

What are quantitative results of life work of a taxonomist? Census of species and diagnostic drawings in publications of J. Prószyński is given below.

The number of species of Salticidae studied by J. Prószyński and published during years 1962-1984 amounts to 1557, these were documented by 5060 diagnostic drawings (this figure is approximate, because some drawings were published more than one time). The database of Salticidae compiled during years 1995-2015 contains diagnostic drawing for approximately 4600 species (out of 6294 nominal species listed in the database, World Catalog of Salticidae list 5790 nominal species)..