Hypaeus barromachadoi Caporiacco, 1947
State of knowledge: Inquirenda

groups of supergroups of genera: pending; supergroups of genera : Amycoida; groups of genera: SITTICINES;

Distribution: America South; Guyana.

Important publication(s)
Caporiacco L., di 1948a Arachnida of British Guiana collected by Prof. Beccari. Proceedings of the zoological Society of London, London 118: 698, illustrations 122

Latest Taxonomic scrutiny

Ruiz G.R.S., Brescovit A.D. 1948c Redescription and resolution of some Neotropical species of jumping spiders described by Caporiacco and description of a new species (Araneae: Salticidae). Revista brasileira de Zoologia 488, illustrations 1-3
Diagnostic illustration used by permision Ruiz, G.R.S.
Diagnostic illustration used by permision Brescovit, A.D.

Publications using actual name combination:
Caporiacco 1947a: 30; Caporiacco 1948a: 118: 698, illustrations 122; Galiano 1968a: 318;

Synonyms and combinations (:)
Hypaeus bivittatus Caporiacco 1947a.
Caporiacco 1948a, 699, illustrations 123/ Galiano 1968a, 318/

Collections:(Source: Prószyński J. 1971 b /2003b Internet): FIRENZE .

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Hypaeus barromachadoi Caporiacco, 1948a: 698, f. 122.

Hypaeus bivittatus Caporiacco, 1948a: 699, f. 123.